Ryann MOves

Ryann contacted me to find out how I can help bring life to her brand. She was ready to take the visuals of her brand to the next level with a new logo and social media templates.


After getting to know her better and discovering the unique experiences that made her who she is today, I knew what ever I came up with had the speak for itself (and Ryann). 


The flower in her primary logo is a magnolia which is a nod to her Southern roots. For her submark, I decided to create a simple monogram with with a circular border to emulate Mardi Gras beads. I wanted each part of Ryann's new brand identity to be personal and intentional.

Ryann Moves

Logo variations

RyannMovesIGTemplate(Turquoise) (2)

Custom Social Media Template

Ryann Moves

Mock-up of logo on yoga mat


Custom Social Media Template

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