early bird painters

Early Bird Painters is a company that is very close to my heart, as it is my father's painting company. When I was starting out with graphic design, I created a logo for him (a horrible one, but hey it was a start). It has been a few years since then, and my designing skills have improved immensely, so I thought it was only right to have another go at creating a logo for him. 


I thought to myself, why stop at a logo? Why not go the extra mile and create a full branding package which includes a document design and applications such as a van and uniform design.

I grew up watching my father go out early on the weekends in his paint splattered navy overalls in his white van filled with all of his painting supplies for the long day ahead.

These applications are more than mockups, they are my way of giving back to my father the fruits of his labor. He hasn't capitalized on using the van and uniform design as yet, but when he goes into painting full time, he can rest knowing that his daughter already made the provisions for him as he made for her throughout the years. 

Early Bird Painters Business Card Mockup

Business Cards

Early Bird Painters Van Mockup PSD Template.png

Service Vehicle

Early Bird Painters Invoice Mockup


early bird painters overalls mockup