Cajun's clothing

Cajun's Clothing is a store at Acadia University made for students, by students. It is a service provided by the Acadia Student's Union. Cajun's is the go to place for all things ACADIA! From clothing items to frisbees, they have it all. I worked at Cajun's Clothing as a sales associate during my second year at Acadia and become Assistant Retail Services Manager in my senior year.

The summer between my third and fourth year of university was spent at Acadia doing summer classes and working at Cajun's Clothing full time. There is only one person that holds down the fort during the summer (due to the campus turning into a ghost town in the summer). This person usually has a "summer project" to complete, to keep them occupied and not just Netflix their time away. 

For my summer project, I redesigned the store's website into a more clean and modern user friendly interface. My days were spent taking photos of all the products in the store and editing them. I also got the chance to round up my friends and have a photoshoot with all the clothing items that weren't on the site yet. I used this as a chance to bring more diversity to the site with students of color. 


After this summer project, we got a new manager and I got a chance to work on some rebranding and social media campaigns. We wanted a new logo that was simple but still stylish, similar to the clothes that were sold in the store.